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ability of Credit "
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We just relaunched the site with a new design and more information and content. In the future, this will be the place where all new features and updates of our services will be announced.


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Search on middle names as well as first names when doing credit checks. Many people will sometimes use middle names instead of their first names.

Always do a name search, even if you have the correct ID number.


Seminars, Workshops, and Training


Today's fast paced environment is more demanding on credit staff than ever. With the implementaion Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME), it is even more important than ever to have well-trained credit staff.

Our Credit Management Seminars assist in developing practical skills to manage credit and recover debt. Participants get to interact and share experiences and ideas on how to get paid faster and reduce bad debt and provide better customer service.

The primary objective of our workshops is to provide users the necessary instructions to get the most out of WIRE. The workshops are designed to develop the skills to conduct proper searches, interpret the information obtained and to report credit rating, returned cheque and other information expeditiously.

We also provide customized training services. These special sessions are usually done at the client?s location, and depend on the needs of our client.

Our Seminars, Workshops and Training Services help in developing the skills of your sales and credit representative to assist you in "Increasing the Profitability of Credit". To obtain further information on our services, kindly email us or contact our office, or you can check our schedule for details on upcoming workshops and seminars.