This code is being developed in the phases to specifically serve the needs of an OECS Credit Bureau and stakeholders within the credit reporting system with plans for it being the standard for others to follow. The Caribbean Credit Bureau will work with credit information providers to exceed expectations.We recognise the important roles that those within the financial sector, credit market and an OECS Credit Bureau have to jointly promote service excellence that embrace globally accepted best practices tailored for the ECCU economies.

The objective of jointly developing this Code of Conduct is for stakeholders to voluntarily enforce an agreed set of rules and self-regulate the incorporation of the highest standard of ethics, respect for consumer rights and service excellence in our operations in the interim until such time as the legislative framework is adopted.  This includes; full and honest disclosure in understandable terms, respect for the consumer rights to ownership of and privacy their personal information and protection of the sensitive financial information that we access.

The Code of Conduct must be regularly reviewed and updated, and should attempt to be compliant with any proposed and new legislation as well as global best practices in our fast changing global digital economy and market place.

Please click this link to download the “Code of Conduct” document.