Terms of Use




Authorized persons are only allowed to use CCBL’s information to determine the credit worthiness of people and businesses that they are doing business, or are planning to do business on credit. Prior to being authorized, business must first subscribe to our services and agree to our terms and conditions. Subscribers determine the users that they would like us to authorize. These users have to be properly identified prior to receiving a user ID and password.

CCBL requires subscribers to provide credit history information. The type and frequency of reporting is dependent on the type of credit transaction. Subscribers are responsible for submitting accurate information to us. CCBL maintains the right to correct any information that was found to be incorrect through investigation.

Consumers have the right to find out what we have on them in our files as well as who submitted the information. They also have the right to dispute the information and have any wrong information corrected without delay.




The data provided by either Contract Party to the Other shall be processed fairly and lawfully and must be factual and where necessary kept up to date. The Subscriber is responsible to provide fair and accurate information to CCBL.

The Subscriber is responsible to inform its customers that they are utilizing the CCBL services to investigate their credit worthiness, and that they will be reporting credit history information to CCBL. CCBL shall not be liable to the subscriber for consequential loss or damage arising out of the CCBL’s performance or non-performance of this Agreement, where such loss or damage could not reasonably have been foreseen.

No claim may be brought by either Contract Party after the expiry of six (6) months from the date when the First Party became aware or should have become aware of the event or the omission on which the claim is based.




Consumers also have the right to dispute information contained in our files. In the event that any information is wrong, they have the right to have it corrected without delay, and to have the parties that have accessed the incorrect information notified of the changes that were made. To start this process consumers are required to complete the Dispute/Change Form, which we forward onto the reporting subscriber. The subscriber is required to investigate and report their findings to us ASAP. In most cases, both subscriber and consumer agree on changes to credit rating and status codes.

However, in the event both parties do not agree, then CCBL uses its best judgment and makes the changes in its database that it considers fairest to all parties.