“Increasing the Profitability of Credit”


Caribbean Credit Bureau Ltd is seeking to re-launch its credit bureau service in the OECS. Primarily our focus is addressing the needs of the OECS. We will ensure concrete solutions to facilitate a more efficient and faster processing of credit applications and providing business strategies, to reduce bad debts and eliminate loan delinquency through effective recoveries. Recently, the organisation has introduced their new credit reporting platform for the OECS and is confident that stakeholders will derive greater benefit from credit reporting as they are more knowledgeable, motivated and better prepared.

We extend an invitation to all stakeholders to collaborate the development of the best financial literacy program for the region and to develop sensible legislation, one that best serves the interest of our Caribbean people.


Caribbean Credit Bureau Ltd (CCBL) formerly known as ‘Credi Check’ was established in Barbados in 1993 as the Caribbean’s first regionally owned credit bureau providing services in credit management while being an advocate for the spread of financial literacy and debt recovery.

Background Information

Twenty-four years ago, CCBL was conceptualized after remedying a problem that companies were experiencing in Barbados relating to bounced cheques. To counteract this issue, a group of seven Barbadian companies started sharing the names of those who were causing the problems. Due to the success of this initiative the concept was broadened and ultimately resulted in the incorporation of Credi-Check in November 1993 by Mr. Grady Clarke, founder of the first privately owned credit bureau operating in Barbados. However, due to the expansion in the Caricom market in particular Trinidad and Tobago, where there was an established company with a similar business model named Credit Chex, the company was renamed and rebranded as the Caribbean Credit Bureaus Limited. This was not only to facilitate the potential expansion but also to eliminate any confusion with Credit Chex. Many companies would have recognized the significant contributions and assistance that the Caribbean Credit Bureau would have rendered consistently over the years.


Many businesses and subscribers have benefited tremendously from the credit bureau operations. A few of these testimonials are mentioned below.

- Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. commended CCBL for providing the credit union with useful information, regarding the credit worthiness of prospective borrowers. They said “It has been a major factor within our company as it relates to credit risk analysis. We provide the credit bureau with information regarding our members who have accessed loan facilities. In turn,   based on their systems assessment, the credit bureau provides a credit rating. This information is also utilized by other financial institutions sharing the database which has aided in the collection of outstanding amounts from our members.”

- The furniture giant, Standard Distribution Limited also applauded the company after just only few months of testing. They outlined how immensely useful the service has been to their Credit Department.

- Barbados Lumber Company has benefited from the informal sharing of the initial bad debtors listing. The Financial Controller of the company said, “We have been impressed with the modifications and improvements to the software and increase in the size of the database.”

- Sol Petroleum Company, the largest independent petroleum marketing company in the Caribbean basin, praised CCBL for their seminar stating that it was “very interesting and informative” and their organisation has benefited from it.

- For over 14 years Consolidation Finance Co. Ltd has been using the services of Credit-Check to perform routine credit checks on past and current applicants. President of the organisation said the CCBL service and the information supplied, has become valuable enough, that its use is now mandatory for every credit application received and has become part of their internal policy and procedural manual.

- In the past, businesses in Dominica benefited from the services offered by the OECS operations of CCBL given a strong business association with the Dominica Co-operative Societies League.

- A collections agency in Anguilla called Cube Credit has also benefited for the use of CCBL’s database & software.

Key Milestones

- On October 14, 2004, the CCBL was incorporated in St. Lucia under the International Companies Act.  The credit bureau was a joint venture with the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture, which is St. Lucia’s largest private sector representative organisation.

- The Dominica operations were officially opened by the Acting Prime Minister, The Honourable Ambrose George in July 2005.  Operations were greatly assisted by the Dominica Cooperatives League, which is the representative body of the credit unions in Dominica.

- The Canadian Investment Development Agency (CIDA) and the International Financial Corporation (IFC) have joined us in promoting financial literacy in the region.

Products and Services

The company operates in Barbados under the supporting legislation such as the Electronic Transactions Act 2001, and Computer Misuse Acts 2005 to ensure legal protection for the collection, disposal, use and disclosure of personal information. CCBL provides and maintains a database of credit payment information for businesses and consumers while guarding against theft of personal information and potential fraud.

Seminars and Workshops

Now in its 24th year, CCBL has conducted hundreds of training workshops and seminars. Seminars have always been a very focal and valuable resource to our organisation.  Clarke and his trusted senior credit reporting team never fails to glean improvement, initiatives and ideas geared towards developing practical skills on managing credit and recovering debt.

The workshop objective is to provide users with the necessary instructions enabling them to get the most out of our Credit Bureau Database.  Attendees are sure to walk away with fresh new ideas and renewed enthusiasm on the following:

- Customer Assessment
- Effective Credit Management
- Enhanced Debt Recovery Strategies
- Fraud Prevention in Today’s Business Environment

Credit Reporting and Inquires 

It allows users to determine the credit worthiness of customers. They will benefit from faster credit processing and decision-making; reducing credit risk and delinquency rate and reducing cost from processing non-credit worthy applications.

 Letter Writing

Our Integrated letter writing service allows authorized users to communicate with our standard menu of letters and immediately affect the credit rating of those being written.

Tenant Screening

CCBL provides landlords and property managers with valuable assistance in determining the credit worthiness of prospective tenants.

Debt Collection

Our integrated debt collection service provides us a unique advantage in recovering bad debt for subscribers.  With a complement of experienced and effective debt collection agencies and bailiffs, we’re able to ensure your bad debt accounts has effective and efficient follow up.

Skip Tracing

The Credi-Check network provides invaluable assistance to subscribers in locating individuals who have moved, or are otherwise hard to locate.