Your Financial Health

Knowing how to manage your money is important, whether you are the only one it supports or not. It is always best to avoid debt and anything that could negatively affect your credit rating. No one can take control of your finances to avoid this. That’s why your financial health is important, here are some tips that may be useful and could help you find the path of good financial health and stay on it.



Tips For Wise Consumer Spending

Many if not all of us have gone out to get something before and returned with more than what we intended to get and probably without the item(s) that we had initially set out to get. In this time when students are back in school and parents are probably still getting books and nick-nacks together, here are a few helpful tips to help: Learn More


Your Financial Health Contd

10 Ways to Stay In Budget

Budgeting your earning sis something you may have heard over and over again. For those that do try it, you may find that sticking to it is not as easy as ‘experts’ make it seem. The truth is, budgeting is a discipline and it takes effort but there are some essentials to follow to ensure that you stay within your budget.

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First of all, it is important that you know what bad debt is before you can keep yourself out of it or identify if you are in it. According to Jean Chatzky, financial editor of TODAY, “bad debt is debt that you take on to buy things that you don’t necessarily need, but rather that you want — and can’t really afford.” Not all debt is bad and sometimes borrowing is unavoidable. It is poor financial management that leads to these things becoming bad debt.

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