You can obtain a credit report via two methods.

Option 1

A credit inquiry form may be completed on your behalf by a credit officer at one of our subscribing companies. When conducting business at a subscriber, you may consent and present a form of valid ID i.e. National Identification card, Passport or Barbados Driver’s License to have the inquiry submitted. This serves as a means of verifying your identity to ensure that the confidential information contained in our database is protected from unauthorized access and disclosure. The credit officer will fill out the form and should place your email address within the email field to ensure that the credit report will be sent to you.

Option 2

To conduct a personal inquiry, you can visit any Surepay location to present a form of valid ID. You should indicate to the Surepay agent that you are paying for a Credit Inquiry from the Caribbean Credit Bureau. This will incur a cost of $30 BDS. Once this is completed, you may return to this website to complete the inquiry form. Please ensure that the Surepay Receipt No. is placed in the witness field. You will receive a copy of your credit report via email.


If you wish to contest any information stated in your credit report, or report any incorrect information, please complete the dispute form.

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