Tenant Check
Thinking of renting your property out? Let us help you screen your possible tenants, so that you can make a great choice with a little regret as possible. Renting and leasing your property to others is a very serious matter that must be entered into with care. It is important to know you are renting to and our Credit Reporting and Inquiry Service can help you. With this service at your fingertips, you will be able to make an analysis of the prospective tenant’s ability to pay rent and other agreed charges. By looking at their past payment history for other credit business conducted, you can then determine who will be best to rent to. You can submit an inquiry form right now and see if that prospective tenant is credit worthy.
The benefits of using this service include:

Faster processing and decision-making

Reduced credit risk and delinquency rate

Risk based pricing and terms

Reduced time and costs from processing non-credit worthy applications