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Your submission has been accepted


Thank you for submitting your credit inquiry request

Your request is payable at any Sure Pay location by
providing your reference number, which is your National Registration Number
without the dash (-)

Example: 2001110101.

Applicable Fees:

1. Credit Inquiry

$25 This tells you where the rating
is from (Company), if it is settled or has a balance or when the rating can be

2. Inquiry & Letter

$50 This is the above mentioned in a detailed letter form which can be sent to any institution.

3. Letter Reprint

–  $15 This is a reprint of the above
information as long as nothing has changed on your profile.

4. Express Service                                                                                                                  – Caribbean Credit Bureau wishes to inform customers of our new EXPRESS SERVICE. This service is extended to customers who wish to come to the office and receive credit ratings and letters immediately; this service carries a fee of BDS$100.00

After payment is made, kindly call our office at 427-9211 and provide your receipt number. One of our Customer Service Representatives will then provide your Credit inquiry, letter or your reprint of a letter via email, fax or snail mail.


Due to the confidential nature of the information that we hold in our database, we will only release your credit report after we have properly confirmed your identification which is waived in the event that the inquiry is made as a result of a mistake that has negatively affected your ability to qualify for credit with a subscriber.  Consumers also have the right to dispute any information contained in their credit records and to have all parties that have come into contact with that information notified of the dispute and any change made to the consumer’s records.

Please visit our website, for more information on repairing your credit file or managing money better.  After you have collected your credit report you will be guided on how to dispute a credit rating or to have old information updated, in the event that this becomes necessary.