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We just relaunched the site with a new design and more information and content. In the future, this will be the place where all new features and updates of our services will be announced.

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Search on middle names as well as first names when doing credit checks. Many people will sometimes use middle names instead of their first names.

Always do a name search, even if you have the correct ID number.


Debt Collection

If you have previously been a Credi-Check subscriber, then we should already have identification and account data on your delinquent accounts. In that case, we should only need to obtain updated information on the amount owed, date last paid, and other details of recent collections efforts.

Follow-up is done in an aggressive but professional manner and includes the sending of highly customized debt collection letters, telephone follow up, personal visits to the home and workplace, repossessions and litigation. These methods have proven to be most effective. Our senior management team reviews the activity that has been taken on accounts which are not being satisfactorily repaid, and then recommends to the subscriber what further action should be taken.

Authorization is always obtained from the subscriber prior to proceeding with legal action. Credi-Check permits subscribers to view account history, money collected and progress made on accounts on demand. They can access summary reports and drill down to view details on accounts listed with us for collection.

In most cases our debt collection fees are passed on to the debtor. However, this is dependent on an existing agreement that they are responsible for any debt collecting expense incurred in the process of recovering monies owed to you. Until debtors assigned to us for collection have paid the entire debt owed, including our collection fees, they remain in our database with a credit rating reflecting this, thus making it difficult for them to obtain credit with our other subscribers.

We therefore are quite successful in getting our fees paid by the debtors, resulting in our clients usually getting all of their money. Our fees are a percentage of what we have collected. The rate is set out in our scale of fees, and depends on the amount to be collected and other variables. To obtain more information on our fees, or date and location of our upcoming Effective Debt Collection Seminar, kindly email us or contact our Barbados office at Phone: (246)427-9211, Fax:(246)427-8539