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" Increasing the Profit
ability of Credit "
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Welcome Creditor

If you are a creditor looking for information and services to increase the profitability of your credit operations, read on.

Improve Credit Management & Debt Recovery Skills
Gain practical skills in the management of receivables and effective recovery of debt in an expanded CARICOM Single Market & Economy. Participants will learn how to use credit bureau services to reduce the credit risk, spot early warning signs, identify different debtor types, improve customer service, and how to follow up to get paid faster and reduce bad debt.
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Avoid Bad Debt
Reduce bad debt by not extending credit to those that are unwilling or unable to honour their financial obligations. CCBL offers subscribers access to the most comprehensive database and credit management tool to reduce the credit risk.
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Improve Your Cash Flow
WIRE allows for customized letters to be used to expeditiously communicate the importance of paying you promptly. These letters have the ability to immediately affect credit ratings, and thus help you to get paid faster. WIRE improves cash flow, and assists in Increasing the Profitability of Credit.
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Get Paid
"If you don't pay Peter don't expect credit from Paul". Improve Cash Flow by getting paid faster through use of our Web-based Integrated Reporting and Enquiry service, WIRE. Report arrears, have it immediately affect the credit rating of those that owe you, and get our subscribers network to help you get paid.
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Recover Bad Debt Promptly
Our integrated debt collection service provides for on-line assignments of debts, resulting in speedier action and better results. Collection Reporting is done though WIRE resulting in subscribers having immediate access to the latest collection results reported.
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Welcome Consumer

If you are a consumer looking to learn more about how credit is granted and what you can do to improve your creditworthiness, you have come to the right place.

Your Right To Know
You have a right to access your file and to know who has been checking on you.
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Rectify an Incorrect Credit Rating
It is wise to check your credit rating before you apply for credit. This avoids any unnecessary embarrassment and delay when attempting to complete a credit transaction with any of our subscribers. You have the right to request the information we contain on you in our credit database. If there are any entries in your credit file that seem incorrect, you have the right to dispute them and ensure that the correct information is being presented.
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Financially overextended? How to cope.
Where we encounter debtors who may have overextended themselves and find themselves in financial difficulties with a number of creditors, we recommend that they seek practical counseling, debt consolidation and financial planning advice.
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 Career Opportunities

CCBL is expanding its Credi-Check service through WIRE, its new Web-based Integrated Reporting and Enquiry system, and is seeking to recruit suitable candidates.

For further information, please refer to our Career Opportunities page.

 Timely Follow Up

Probability of Collection
The probability of collecting past due debt is inversely proportional to the length of time the account is past due. To improve the chance of collecting delinquent accounts, reduce follow up delays. WIRE significantly reduces the length of time taken to follow up.


Search on middle names as well as first names when doing credit checks. Many people will sometimes use middle names instead of their first names.

Always do a name search, even if you have the correct ID number.