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We just relaunched the site with a new design and more information and content. In the future, this will be the place where all new features and updates of our services will be announced.

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Search on middle names as well as first names when doing credit checks. Many people will sometimes use middle names instead of their first names.

Always do a name search, even if you have the correct ID number.


Skip Tracing

The Credi-Check network provides invaluable assistance to subscribers in locating individuals who have moved, or are otherwise hard to locate. As the saying goes at CCBL: “You can run, but you can’t hide”.

Our users are requested to assist in Tracing the whereabouts of those that have been registered as “Skips” in our database. Users are requested to obtain current address and other contact information without alerting the consumer that is registered as a Skip with CCBL. This information should then be immediately emailed to us, so that we can alert the subscriber that registered the Skip. By subscribers helping each another they improve the chances of finding skipped debtors. WIRE provides the ability to immediately register a skip and request valuable assistance in our network of users to locate your hard to find debtors.