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Frequently asked questions

1. How can I access information regarding my credit rating?

You need to come into our office, or visit one of our authorized agents to identify yourself. This includes presenting your National ID card, or if you don’t have your National ID card, then a passport and one other piece of ID is required. You also need to complete the inquiry form. We will show you information from your personal credit file.

2. How long does a credit rating stay on your file?

Your credit rating usually stays on your file for seven (7) years once the account has been paid in full. Your record is automatically purged from our database after seven years. Once there are outstanding amounts, including any debt collection fees and finance charges, this information will be retained in our database and reported beyond the seven years.

As long as we can confirm that you have settled in full, and paid all finance charges and debt collection fees to our subscribers, we can remove negative information after only five years, at your request.

3. What can I do to improve my credit rating?

First of all, you must keep your payments to our subscribers up to date. To repeat, you must keep your payments to our subscribers up to date. If you are behind in your payments to them, you need to bring them current, and make subsequent payments on time. This will result in your credit rating with them improving, and when they report the improved rating to us, we will update your credit files.

You can apply for credit with those subscribers with whom you have a poor payment history and who have contributed a negative rating to your credit history file, and make payments promptly on your new account. You may need to pay them a larger down payment, or provide some additional security, but once you pay them promptly they will provide us with a good rating on the new credit obtained from them. Subscribers tend to pay more attention to the newer credit ratings than to the old ones.

4. If I want to dispute my credit rating, what action can I take?

You can complete our Dispute/Change Form, in which we ask you to document your position. We then forward this information to the subscriber involved, and ask them to respond to your comments. The subscriber may agree to change your rating. However, should an impasse remain between you and the subscriber, then Credi-Check will act as an independent third party and make a decision based on our investigations. We then flag this account as a Disputed Account until such time that it is settled to the satisfaction of all concerned parties.

How do I access the CCBL training schedule and find out eligibility requirements?
Email our office or check this web site for our seminar schedule. Our seminars are open to all persons seeking to improve their knowledge in the areas of Credit Management and Debt Recovery. We cater to persons from all backgrounds, offering both introductory and advanced level seminars.

5. What other benefits will I derive from CCBL seminars?

In addition to increasing your knowledge base, you will benefit from the interaction with other credit officers in your and other industries. Our seminar structure encourages and facilitates the sharing of ideas and solutions to common problems amongst other participants.

6. Coming from a Caribbean country, which CCBL credit management services are accessible to my organization?

All services are available in Barbados. Seminars and consulting services are available throughout the Caribbean. Our Enquiry and Reporting services are currently being rolled out in the OECS, and Trinidad. Please contact our office for further information.

7. How can I be sure that my personal credit information is not accessible to non-authorised users (hackers)?

We employ standard password security, firewalls, encryption technology and other security measures. We also maintain a log of queries done through our subscribers and audit this on a regular basis. We are proud of our unblemished security record.